How do we release dependent libraries for digiKam-5.0.0-beta1?

Alexander Potashev aspotashev at
Wed Sep 23 22:28:14 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,
(Luigi pushed me a lot so I finally start this discussion ;))

digiKam-5.0.0-beta1 is planned for October 18th, so we need to release
its dependencies (KF5-based versions of libraries) at least as
alpha/beta versions before that date:
    1. libkipi (currently in KDE Applications)
    2. libkface (currently in KDE Applications)
    3. libkexiv2 (currently in KDE Applications)
    4. libkdcraw (currently in KDE Applications)
    5. libksane (currently in KDE Applications)
    6. libkvkontakte (currently in extragear-libs)
    7. libmediawiki (currently in extragear-libs)

As listed above, many of these dependent libraries are currently part
of KDE Applications, for example in KDE Applications 15.08.x we have
kdelibs4-based editions of all 5 relevant libraries from the above

I see two ways of releasing the 7 libraries mentioned above:
 Plan 1: Keep the first 5 ones in KDE Applications and make an alpha
release of KDE Applications 15.12.x before October 18th. libkvkontakte
and libmediawiki should also be released before that date, but they
are not tied to KDE Applications release schedule. (Btw, is it OK if
digikam-beta depends on kde-apps-alpha?)
 Plan 2: Move all these 7 libraries (their KF5-based versions) into
extragear-libs and release them.

Please tell us if any of these plans works better for you than the
other, and why. Everyone are welcome to share their thoughts -
packagers, KDE Apps release team, developers, etc.

Alexander Potashev

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