oxygen-icons & plasma-workspace-wallpapers moved to git

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Wed Sep 16 11:20:50 UTC 2015

As requested by the VDG all artworky bits moved out of svn and into
git because git is awesome and all that...

# oxygen-icons
moved from kdesupport svn to git. Newly available at kde:oxygen-icons.

Also going to be in plasma release scope for 5.5 as the VDG wants to
continue maintaining the theme. Until 5.5 branching this repository
only has a master branch and only unstable i18n.

# plasma-workspace-wallpapers
moved from KDE svn to git. Newly available at kde:plasma-workspace-wallpapers.

This repository is the base of 5.4.x plasma-workspace-wallpapers
releases (completely replacing the SVN version) and has both unstable
and stable i18n.

Moving forward you may want to shallow clone this repo as to avoid
cloning history cruft.


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