how to release oxygen-icons

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Wed Oct 7 13:14:43 UTC 2015

Oxygen icons is back and updated and due to be part of Plasma 5.5

Currently everything in Plasma has the same version number which will be 5.5.0

But Oxygen Icons has already been released as part of Applications
with a tar named oxygen-icons-14.12.0.tar.xz

So how to release it now?

We could rename it to say oxygen-icons-plasma5 or oxygen-icons5 (a wee
bit of faff in the release scripts)

We could reversion it to say use the year/month scheme
oxygen-icons-15.12 (a wee bit of faff in the release scripts and in
distro packaging scripts)

Or we could just release it with a lower version number and tell
distros to sort it out with epochs (a bit of faff in the distro
packaging scripts).

Thoughts welcome


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