Plasma 5.5 alpha

Nicolas Lécureuil kde at
Sun Nov 8 00:30:17 UTC 2015

Le 2015-11-06 13:28, Jonathan Riddell a écrit :
> It was suggested to celebrate repo freeze I make alpha tars of Plasma
> 5.5 just to check we know what's being released so here's some tars,
> please check it includes all the tars you expect and if you're
> incharge of a new tar then check it contains the right stuff.  No
> release is planned, beta is due in 2 weeks.

Does it compile with KF5 5.15.0 or does it need next 5.16.0 ?
because here it does not compile :

In member function 'void 
error: 'appletCreated' is not a member of 'Plasma::Containment'
      connect(c, &Plasma::Containment::appletCreated, this, [this, c] 
(Plasma::Applet *applet) {

Nicolas Lécureuil
Mageia KDE Team

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