More Plasma bug fix releases

Martin Graesslin mgraesslin at
Tue Nov 3 08:54:31 UTC 2015

Hi distribution maintainers,

thank you for your feedback! This was valuable information.

Overall I think that it's worth the effort to try more releases. I think it 
should help all the different distribution approaches. Those distributions 
which are not able to deliver at that high rate: please skip releases and pick 
the ones you can provide. The last thing we want is to burn you! Those 
distributions which do a snapshot: please try to align with a release in order 
to get the latest set. Don't go for patches, there are just too many repos in 

But I also want to see whether the whole thing makes sense. There is no point 
in putting out releases on our side, if distributions are not going to 
distribute them. Given that I want to evaluate the 5.5 bug fix cycle. I'll set 
up a kind of spread sheet where we track when we release and when the 
distributions released the packages. I'll send the link around once it's set 
up. Please don't interpret that the wrong way: I just want to see whether it 
makes sense to go for that. If it doesn't we can go back to the current bug 
fix release cycle with 5.6.

As a reminder: please invest time in automating your Plasma packaging. On Nov 
5th, we are going to freeze the list of repositories and their dependencies 
which will go into the release. Make us of that :-) All following bug fix 
releases won't change your packaging. Only the tarballs will change.

If you need help from our side to make your life easier: please tell us. We do 
want to make releasing our software as easy as possible! Please start a new 
thread for that, though.

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