Review Request 123907: Make log viewer usable in multiple instances + fix the "KDEInit couldn't launch log viewer" error and Plasma being blocked

Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at
Thu May 28 22:03:57 UTC 2015

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Review request for Release Team and Telepathy.


Submitted with commit 50a901a06733299af2238fc4c4d26d2f8052dae0 by Martin Klapetek to branch Applications/15.04.

Bugs: 346395

Repository: ktp-text-ui


This fixes bug 346395 - when it is launched from Plasma, it will block all of Plasma until the app quits, which is announced by an error message box with that "KDEInit couldn't launch" error.

I'd like to commit this to stable too however this adds a new dependency on KDBusAddons. I think the severity of this issue warrants that new dependency, but can someone from the release team please ack this?

Additionally it makes it "Multiple" allowing for multiple running instances. I think it can be useful to eg. compare logs, but if anyone has a good reason for why it shouldn't be Multiple, please speak up.


  CMakeLists.txt 72c2f8f 
  logviewer/CMakeLists.txt ac35ff6 
  logviewer/ktp-log-viewer.desktop 1674566 
  logviewer/main.cpp 00dbc03 
  logviewer/org.kde.ktplogviewer.desktop PRE-CREATION 



Plasma is no longer blocked when the log viewer is launched from Kicker.


Martin Klapetek

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