Plasma 5.2.2 candidate tars

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Fri Mar 20 10:42:57 UTC 2015

On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 09:44:20PM +0100, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El Dijous, 19 de març de 2015, a les 17:52:15, Jonathan Riddell va escriure:
> > 5.2.2 tars are up on depot, happy packaging
> > 
> > These tars add documentation translations, looks like the Brazilians have
> > been hard at work.
> > 
> > Please check over info and announcement pages and let me know of any
> > improvements or changes
> Title says: KDE Ships Plasma 5.2.2, Bugfix Release for March
> Do we really need the "Bugfix Release for March" in there?

Yeah I think it's useful to have explanation as part of the headline, the version number is meaningless.

> I don't think dumping the whole changelog in there looks good, i very much 
> prefer what you did with the 5.2.1 announcement, i.e. selecting a few commits 
> (can even be semi random) and then a link that says "Full Plasma 5.2.1 
> changelog", also gives us a better excuse to not make the full changelog 
> translatable.

Ack, I'll edit it down.

> You guys should use the script in release-tools for generating the changelog 
> so people can get links to the commits and to the bugs/reviwes if they are 
> there.

Can you point me to it? I can't see it in the release-tools archive.


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