KDE Applications 15.04 branches created, Beta 1 release this week

Ralf Habacker ralf at habacker.de
Fri Mar 13 15:21:04 UTC 2015

Am 02.03.2015 um 23:16 schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> KDE Applications 15.04 Beta 1 (version number 15.03.80) will be tagged March 4 
> 23:59 UTC
I have an umbrello feature which missed the feature freeze for 15.04,
so according to
it has to go into the next branch beta1, which will be something like
15.xx.80. Any hint for xx ?

The second question I have:
For bugs fixed after beta 1 is out, I need the next release version for
the FIXED-IN: commit tag. Which patch level will be used for further
releases in 15.04 series ?


I'm asking because git tag shows that in the past patch levels like 83,
85, 92, 86 has also been used and Im not sure if my estimation will be
correct in any case.

If this would not be possible, it would be nice to have an addition to
the tagged info mentioned above with the next planned patch level.

Best Regards

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