[kde-release-team] Re: cmake 3 minimum dependency?

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Mar 11 11:34:05 UTC 2015

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 12:23:14AM +0100, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El Dilluns, 9 de març de 2015, a les 15:14:50, Jonathan Riddell va escriure:
> > Can I set a minimim dependency of cmake 3 in plasma for 5.3?  Any distros
> > still using cmake 2.8?
> What's the benefit or such a dependency increase?

My reason at the time was it was complaining about settings
PROJECT_VERSION variables but turns that is solved by removing any
duplicate calls to project() so it's not a current issue for me.
Still it would be interesting to know incase someone does want to use
a feature from cmake 3.


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