Fwd: KDE PIM 15.08 releases

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Fri Jul 24 16:55:36 UTC 2015

In data venerdì 24 luglio 2015 13:22:18, Daniel Vrátil ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> the remaining KDE PIM modules have been moved by the sysadmins to the
> requested paths, so KDE PIM should now be releasable. I kindly ask you to
> include the following repositories in KDE Applications 15.08 release:

> kde/pim/akonadi
> kde/pim/akonadi-search
Hi, I moved the translations for akonadi-search (akonadi_baloo_indexer) from 
playground-pim to pim. akonadi has no translations.

All the repositories (including the others in pim/, and kdepim*) have no 
Applications/15.08 branch; will those branches created as usual as part of 
release process? Whoever is going to create them (so Dan or Albert, I bet), 
can you please coordinate with me so that I can copy the existing translations 
to the stable/l10n-kf5 branch (and remove the translations from stable/l10n-


> kde/pim/gpgmepp
> kde/pim/kalarmcal
> kde/pim/kblog
> kde/pim/kcalcore
> kde/pim/kcalutils
> kde/pim/kcontacts
> kde/pim/kholidays
> kde/pim/kidentitymanagement
> kde/pim/kimap
> kde/pim/kldap
> kde/pim/kmailtransport
> kde/pim/kmbox
> kde/pim/kmime
> kde/pim/kontactinterface
> kde/pim/kpimtextedit
> kde/pim/ktnef
> kde/pim/syndication
> kde/pim/akonadi-calendar
> kde/kdepim
> kde/kdepimlibs
> kde/kdepim-runtime
> Thanks and we are really really sorry about the delay and problems we've
> caused.
> Cheers,
> Daniel


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