5.2.1 tars for packagers

Eric Hameleers alien at slackware.com
Tue Feb 24 13:38:34 UTC 2015

On Tue, 24 Feb 2015, Martin Gräßlin wrote:

> Do you want to have access to my inbox to see that it might happen that I
> forget about it? Read it on the smartphone, didn't answer on it (because I
> hate typing on the smartphone), notification discarded by Google+ and I forgot
> about it on  Monday. Exactly that's why I don't accept bug reports on any
> other medium than bugs.kde.org to not forget about it. Sorry that I did not
> point out that it's better to report on bko than to me on Google+ because I
> was only on smartphone and didn't type.

Everyone's busy, and if I would get an answer "sorry, no time to 
think this over, too busy" that would have been unfortunate, but a 
perfectly acceptible answer. I did not post to the mailing list until 
after you had created multiple new posts on G+ ... such things happen.

> If you want to assume ill will by it, fine with me. Being pragmatic about it
> that I'm just human and buried in the load of incoming communications might be
> fairer, though.

Ill will, no. Frustration because of a usability issue introduced in 
an upcoming bugfix release and not finding commitment, yes.

> Well you can also see that I didn't post on the Weekend on Google+, might be
> it was weekend after all ;-)

The question was not urgent for me in the weekend, and I did not see 
any other postings in the weekend so indeed I assumed you were 
enjoying yourself somewhere away from computers. I can be obnoxious 
but I don't mess with people's private lives.
Let's bury the hatchet. If you have any ideas about where the 
cause of my issue could lie, then I still would like to hear, 
otherwise I will just wait and see what happens with the 5.2.1 

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