kate-15.12 broken with KDE Frameworks-5.17 (was: www/sites/www)

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Dec 13 17:04:15 UTC 2015

El Sunday 13 December 2015, a les 14:23:17, Andreas Sturmlechner va escriure:
> > Hi
> > 
> > With changes in Frameworks 5.17.0, Kate 15.11.90 no longer closes
> > properly.  Quit the GUI, the app keeps running in Taskmanager for example.
> > Bigger problem this causes is that on reboot you can have 15-20 instances
> > of Kate opening right away.
> > 
> > [cut]
> > 
> > Anke
> > demm at kaosx.us
> Indeed, though at first it looks like a dbus timeout (because file open with
> kate breaks as well) all I needed was kate commit
> cd0163d7b956ace0e786a76d8211d06790a2c174 to fix this issue (I also
> backported to 15.08.3). This should really be fixed before 15.12.0 release.
> It doesn't appear to cause any pre-5.17 breakage since it previously only
> worked by kxmlgui overriding it anyway, according to the commit message.

Do I understand it correctly that KDE Frameworks 5.17 has been released with a 
change that makes existing code break?

Is that because that existing code was broken to start with?

Can someone that understands the code better than me please reach to the 
conclusion, if what needs fixing is KDE Frameworks or kate and if kate needs 
fixing apply the fix on the branches we're releasing and not only in master?


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