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Release team probably should have been cced also, my bad.
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Hello all,

tldr, should we kill kdetoys?

As Applications 15.08 has been released I thought I'd take a look at
which of our applications still need to be ported to Qt5/kf5. I did a
diff of what we released in the 15.08 release vs what is already kf5
based and got this result: https://paste.kde.org/prbvha5kh#line-13 <--
paste should stay for a year. Items with + are not Qt5/kf5 based yet
or weren't in the 15.08 release. Christoph Feck has a more detailed
list that includes Extragear, but isn't organized by KDE Module here:
http://developer.kde.org/~cfeck/portingstatus.html .

I took a quick stab at porting amor to Qt5/kf5 and it shouldn't be too
hard, but the question is should it be ported at all? The previous
maintainer hasn't touched it in quite some time. The code is X11
specific, and the whole concept won't work on Wayland anyway because
windows don't know about each other and can't position themselves.

KTux has been ported to Qt5/kf5 but I don't see any way in plasma 5 to
make it the screensaver. We only support images in the lock screen and
kwin will only support the greeter used in
plasma-workspace/ksmserver/screenlocker so if you run it it shows a
nice window of tux flying around, but I don't think that's useful in
today's screensaver less world somehow.

KTeatime may still be useful, but if we are cleaning out kdetoys,
maybe it should be moved to kdeutils so it isn't the lone application
in a module?

I'll ask sysadmin to make the above moves unless anyone objects within
a couple of weeks. I would put ktux and amor into unmaintained (or
playground? not sure which is more suitable) and stop releasing them
in 15.12 and move kteatime to kdeutils.

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