kopete and kdepimlibs in apps 15.08

Daniel Vrátil dvratil at redhat.com
Tue Aug 18 09:41:04 UTC 2015

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015 9:53:44 AM CEST Harald Sitter wrote:
> Hellos,
> So, I just noticed that kopete has:
> > CMakeLists.txt:find_package(KdepimLibs REQUIRED)
> we do however not have a kdepimlibs (qt4) in Applications 15.08 so
> that requirement cannot really be met anymore.
> What's worse: kdepimlibs (qt4) in fact has file overlap with
> kdepimlibs (qt5); namely at least:
> - usr/share/mime/packages/x-vnd.akonadi.socialfeeditem.xml
> - usr/share/mime/packages/kdepimlibs-mime.xml
> so they are not co-installable without tweaking by every distro first.

kdepimlibs-mime.xml could be renamed to x-vnd.kde.contactgroup.xml in KF5, 
because that's what it contains. For the socialutil we could have x-
vnd.akonadi5.socialfeeditem.xml in KF5 version... I'll fix that ASAP.

However that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that you can 
only compile kdepimlibs4 against Akonadi <= 1.13, which is not co-installable 
with the version of Akonadi required by kdepimlibs5. The one thing that 
kdepimlibs4 needs from Akonadi is libakonadiprotocolinternals.so (that's what 
kdepimlibs4 link against). If Kopete does not need to actually access KDE PIM 
data stored in Akonadi, then the Akonadi(qt4) server or any other binary are 
not needed. We can publish some sort of "manual" for distributions how to deal 
with this, but I'm afraid distros will have to figure out the packaging magic 
to handle that on their own.


> Now looking at the source kdepimlibs is used for two things in kopete:
> 1) kpimidentities is used in the bonjour protocol as a fallback to
> kuser to obtain the users's name and email address for account default
> values (this is required, although I am not sure it should be)
> 2) gpgmepp is used by the crypto plugin for crypto things (this is
> optional, although I am not sure it should be :P)
> Given that we have no kde4pimlibs source what is the intended solution
> to this? Cripple kopete and make bonjour optional using a patch, if so
> why not do that in the repo directly? Or perhaps have every distro
> figure out which parts of the old kdepimlibs are now defunct with
> akonadi moved to kf5 and package the rest for compat?
> (CC'd Pali and Dan; not sure they are subbed)
> HS

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