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Martin Koller kollix at
Tue Aug 11 13:31:02 UTC 2015

On Monday 10 August 2015 19:16:46 Emmanuel Pescosta wrote:
> Hi David,
> > Where can I find the latest Qt4/KDE4-based version of Dolphin?
> In kde-baseapps branch Applications/15.04. Dolphin was removed
> from kde-baseapps master shortly after the Applications/15.04
> branching, because we have moved it into his own repository.
> > So there's no way to get the latest qt4 based version of both
> > dolphin and the rest of kde-baseapps.
> The latest released Qt4 based Dolphin is in Applications/15.04,
> starting with Applications/15.08 Dolphin is now Qt5 based. The
> same problem would also exist if Dolphin still is in kde-baseapps.
> How can we fix it? (we need to make Qt4 based Dolphin
> co-installable, right?)

Do I see this correctly that when I install Applications/15.08 where konqueror is still Qt4
based, I can no longer use it as filemanager since it can not load the dolphin-plugin to view
the filesystem ?

(I just have this problem here on openSuse 13.2 ... but maybe I did something wrong with
the many different repos I use ...)

Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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