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Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Aug 10 22:09:33 UTC 2015

El Dimarts, 11 d'agost de 2015, a les 00:04:30, David Faure va escriure:
> On Monday 10 August 2015 19:16:46 Emmanuel Pescosta wrote:
> > Hi David,
> > 
> > > Where can I find the latest Qt4/KDE4-based version of Dolphin?
> > 
> > In kde-baseapps branch Applications/15.04. Dolphin was removed
> > from kde-baseapps master shortly after the Applications/15.04
> > branching, because we have moved it into his own repository.
> > 
> > > So there's no way to get the latest qt4 based version of both
> > > dolphin and the rest of kde-baseapps.
> > 
> > The latest released Qt4 based Dolphin is in Applications/15.04,
> > starting with Applications/15.08 Dolphin is now Qt5 based. The
> > same problem would also exist if Dolphin still is in kde-baseapps.
> Well, it would be even worse then, since kde-baseapps Applications/15.08
> would then be a mix of Qt4 and Qt5 based stuff, therefore almost impossible
> to compile :-)
> The decision to release a Qt5-based dolphin before the rest of kde-baseapps
> was Qt5-based is the reason for this whole issue (but I can certainly
> understand why this was done).
> > How can we fix it? (we need to make Qt4 based Dolphin
> > co-installable, right?)
> I'm not asking for co-installability, I'm "only" asking for a way to build
> the qt4 based stuff alone, in a qt4-based development setup.
> In case you wonder, this is useful for comparing behaviour between
> 4 and 5 for instance, to separate regressions from long-standing issues.
> But it's also useful to just be able to build one's own desktop.
> My KDE4 desktop right now has no Dolphin anymore, since it's nowhere
> to be found (I want kde-baseapps 15.08, not 15.04, no point in experiencing
> bugs in the other apps, or listing old code in lxr...).
> One solution would be to make the Applications/15.04 branch of
> dolphin.git build.
> It's not ideal though, it's a bigger change than just "making it possible
> to fix a bug in the last qt4 based dolphin release".

Why not ideal? isn't it actually exactly what you want? You get the last qt4 
code of dolphin in a branch?


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