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David Faure faure at
Mon Aug 10 11:01:12 UTC 2015

Where can I find the latest Qt4/KDE4-based version of Dolphin?

kde-baseapps branch master doesn't have dolphin anymore.
kde-baseapps branch KDE/4.14 has dolphin, but has older kde-baseapps stuff around it.
kde-baseapps branch Applications/15.04 has dolphin, but has older kde-baseapps stuff around it (same problem).
kde-baseapps branch Applications/15.08 has the latest Qt4-based kde-baseapps (IIUC) but no Dolphin.
dolphin.git has all the Qt4-based branches but they don't build after the split.

So there's no way to get the latest qt4 based version of both dolphin and the rest of kde-baseapps.

logical-module-structure says
        "kde/applications/kde-baseapps" : {
            "stable-qt4": "Applications/15.08",
            "latest-qt4": "master",
        "kde/applications/dolphin" : {
            "stable-qt4": "",
            "latest-qt4": "",

which means no Dolphin anymore in a *-qt4 build, and
no dolphin source code on's *-qt4 branch groups.

With Applications/xx.yy branches we are abstracting away the qt4/qt5 dependency
for the benefit of end user releases, but let's not forget the developer use case:
a full qt4 based build and a full qt5 based build.

David Faure, faure at,
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