Plasma 5.4 beta tars are up

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Fri Aug 7 09:15:21 UTC 2015

Plasma 5.4 beta tars are up on depot

Git repositories for Plasma bits are now branched, please put bugfixes
into Plasma/5.4 and feel free to go wild in master.

With this release bluez-qt, baloo and kfilemetadata move on and are
now in Frameworks 5.13.  We also add plasma-pa, kwallet-pam (a simple
pam module to open the wallet, remeber to add pam configuration with
it), user manager comes out of beta and kwayland-integration is added.
This release is a tech preview of our Wayland session thanks to the
lovely Martin G and spured on by Plasma Mobile.  Mobile stuff isn't in
this release but may well be part of 5.5.

We recommend Qt 5.5 for better multi-display support and other fixes.

Release is due on Tuesday


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