Release Dates for August

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Tue Apr 14 14:26:36 UTC 2015

I've put up my proposal for releases in August
same format as currently, tagging on first Saturday, release on
following Thursday, makes 5.13 on Thu August 6th.
delayed a month to not clash with Akademy and allow Baloo to move to
new format incompatible with kdelibs4 format
beta tagged on Thursday 6th (same day as kf5.13 release)
final tagged two weeks later on thursday 20th
Simplified release cycle, beta 3 weeks before release, rc 2 weeks
before, tagging 1 week before, all on Wednesdays.
release on August 19th

Any comments welcome (preferably on release-team@)


On 30 March 2015 at 17:32, Jonathan Riddell <jr at> wrote:
> Plasma 5.4 release schedule needs writing and keeping to our 3 months
> would release in July.  That puts the release during Akademy so it
> needs shifting.
> Baloo wants to move from Plasma to Frameworks.  At the same time it
> will get a shiny new database which makes it incompatible with baloo
> for kdelibs4 so Dolphin will stop working until the Qt 5 version of
> Dolphin comes out.
> So here's a proposal to move Plasma to August when Applications is
> presumably due to release.  Aligning the schedules will allow the
> move/incompatible nature of the Baloo changes to be all done together.
> See dates with question mark on August on this calendar.
> Comments?
> Jonathan

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