Plasma 5.3 beta tars

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Thu Apr 9 13:52:32 UTC 2015

beta tars for Plasma 5.3 are up on depot for packagers

sha256 and git commits at

kinfocentre has had about-distro added so you'll need to remove that
package if you use it.  also worth checking it works for your distro
as it's the new kinfocentre front page

gone is
-libbluedevil (replaced by bluez-qt)
-libmm-qt (now in kf 5.9)

all new is
+bluez-qt - new bluedevil library
+plasma-mediacenter - a tech preview of the kf5 port)
+plasma-sdk - you may be familiar with plasmate which this includes
although it's not currently compiled

and again in beta

Lots of new wallpapers in plasma-workspace-wallpapers from the
competition but that's still being sorted so I'll make that tar this


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