modemmanager-qt release

David Faure faure at
Tue Apr 7 12:01:18 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 07 April 2015 13:13:05 Jan Grulich wrote:
> Hi David,
> you forgot to update modemmanager-qt version to 5.9.0, at least tarball says
> so. I updated it and pushed to git, so if you could create a new tarball
> with correct version 

Ah, wrong ordering of things; I updated the list of modules *after* increasing 
version numbers.... I'll fix that in my howto.

> and also mention somewhere in release notes that a
> patch or new tarball for plasma-nm will be required to make it properly
> work with it. Specifically it's just this simple patch [1].
> [1] -
> 2c77fc2a126844fc1f134

Well, we need to be clearer to packagers and users. Which plasma-nm version, 
released when, will contain this fix?

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