Akademy Release Team BoF summary

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Sep 12 13:52:59 UTC 2014

We discussed KF5 and Plasma 5 schedules briefly, seems they are working fine, 
nothing to change atm.

Applications 14.12 will be basically on the same schedule as 4.12 + 1 year 
You can see it in 

It was said that kdepim won't be ready for Applications 14.12 so we will keep 
releasing 4.14.x branch, that is not how the Applications releases was planned 
and not communicated much by the kdepim people, but oh well :D

We talked about making PR releases more automatic by grepping the commit logs. 
We need to rename DIGEST to CHANGELOG and do scripts that parse those and 
create a list.

We decided to rename kde-packager to kde-security-preannounce and stop sending 
CC of releases there and only use the list when we need some kind of heads up 
for security coordination for packagers.

We talked about how unfortunate it is we have 3 different scripts for 
packaging. There was a discussion as if we can really get down to a single one 
since we seem to have different use cases.

We talked briefly about the "SIGMA" releases but nothing important happened.


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