KF 5.3.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Oct 6 20:16:34 UTC 2014

On Monday 06 October 2014 13:50:19 Harald Sitter wrote:
> Maybe I am missing something here but from what I can tell there is a
> binary file conflict between kio 5.3.0 and kio-extras 5.0.95
> Namely, kio_trash was removed from kio-extras *after* 5.0.95 tagging,

Yes (the alternative would be a time frame where there is no kio_trash at 
all.... not really ideal).

> so it is still being installed there, which introduces a conflict as
> they both install the same desktop file and the same kcm and other
> stuff:

I would suggest to just wait for the next kio-extras release before shipping 
KF 5.3.0, if the conflict is a problem. It should come quite fast.

> all of these are also installed by kio-extras <= 5.0.95. I think they
> need to be renamed to not conflict.

Having two handlers for the trash protocol doesn't really make sense,
nor does renaming ktrash5 - creating a long-term discrepancy for a week-long 

> Additionally I'd like to point out that assuming distributions are
> supposed to ship new frameworks releases as they get released moving
> things from a non-frameworks repository in a conflicting manner (i.e.
> without name change) is not supportable. Even if there was a newer
> Plasma release where $thing is not installed anymore (assumption: the
> plasma release cannot be shipped as an update for whatever silly
> reason a distribution might have).

IMHO by the time distros want this kind of stability, things will have settled 
a bit more. When it comes to the general split (apps / worskpace / 
frameworks), things are still a bit new.
Let's not solve future problems right now, there's enough work with current 

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