Fwd: KDE Frameworks Release Cycle

Scott Kitterman kde at kitterman.com
Wed May 21 11:29:42 UTC 2014

On Wednesday, May 21, 2014 10:32:49 Mario Fux wrote:
> Good morning crowd
> Looks like we've more or less an agreement or idea that could work for most
> of us.
> - Monthly features releases of KF5 with keyword for bugs to backport.
> - 6/12 monthly (still to be decided) stable branches (with optionally a
> release script that tags it monthly, is this doable?)
> So are there distros (opensuse, fedora, kubuntu, gentoo, arch and all the
> others) who would like this and would work "upstream" on this and do some
> testing and are there KF5 developers that like this as well and would have
> and eye on backports and do them occasionally (or at least help people to
> decide and backport)?
> If there is some agreement and people would like to try it we should try it.
> First thing would then probably be to decide on the stable release duration
> (6 or 12 months?). Second would be the communication of this new release
> strategy and third would be to setup the infrastructure (stable branch,
> release scripts, etc.)
> What do you think?

I think Aaron's suggestion of having someone in a gatekeeper role to review 
patches for inclusion in the stable branch was a really good one.  Is there 
someone who's working on KF5 that would be willing to do that?  Having someone 
that is more familiar with the code base evaluate what is appropriate for a 
stable update should be a big step forward in improving the quality of those 
updates (which is one of the major goals of changing the release strategy).

Scott K

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