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Tue May 13 16:17:32 UTC 2014

SVN commit 1386825 by aacid:

4.13.1 released

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 A             announcements/announce-4.13.1.php  
 M  +6 -0      announcements/index.php  
 M  +1 -1      download/index.php  
 M  +2 -5      index.php  
 A             info/4.13.1.php  
 M  +2 -1      info/releases.php  
 A             info/source-4.13.1.inc  

--- trunk/www/sites/www/announcements/index.php #1386824:1386825
@@ -10,6 +10,12 @@
 <p />
+<!-- 4.13.1 released -->
+<strong>13th May 2014</strong> - <a href="announce-4.13.1.php">KDE Announces 4.13.1</a>
+<br />
+"<em>KDE Ships Applications and Platform 4.13.1.</em>"
+<p />
 <!-- 4.12.5 released -->
 <strong>29th April 2014</strong> - <a href="announce-4.12.5.php">KDE Announces 4.12.5</a>
 <br />
--- trunk/www/sites/www/download/index.php #1386824:1386825
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@
 KDE SC 4.13 is the version for the majority of end users that look
 for the latest stable KDE software release. Please see the
-<a href="/info/4.13.0.php">4.13.0 Info Page</a> for details.
+<a href="/info/4.13.1.php">4.13.1 Info Page</a> for details.
 <a name="winmac"><h2>Windows and Mac OS X</h2></a>
--- trunk/www/sites/www/index.php #1386824:1386825
@@ -42,11 +42,8 @@
 <h2><a name="announcements">Latest Announcements</a></h2>
-<p><b><a href="announcements/announce-4.12.5.php">KDE Ships second April Updates to Applications, Platform and Plasma Workspaces</a></b><br/>
-April 29, 2014. Today KDE released updates for its Applications and Development Platform.
-These updates continue the series of monthly stabilization updates to the 4.12 series. This release also includes an updated Plasma Workspaces 4.11.9.
-4.12.5 updates bring many bugfixes and translation updates on top of the 4.12 release and are recommended updates for everyone running the initial 4.12 releases.
-As this release only contains bugfixes and translation updates, it will be a safe and pleasant update for everyone.
+<p><b><a href="announcements/announce-4.13.1.php">KDE Ships May Updates to Applications and Platform</a></b><br/>
+May 13, 2014. Today KDE released updates for its Applications and Development Platform, the first in a series of monthly stabilization updates to the 4.13 series. This release contains only bugfixes and translation updates, providing a safe and pleasant update for everyone.
 <p><b><a href="announcements/4.13">KDE Ships Applications and Platform 4.13</a></b><br/>
--- trunk/www/sites/www/info/releases.php #1386824:1386825
@@ -8,12 +8,13 @@
 <h2>Current KDE SC Releases</h2>
-<a href="4.13.0.php">KDE SC 4.13.0</a> (stable version)
+<a href="4.13.0.php">KDE SC 4.13.1</a> (stable version)
 <h2>Previous KDE Releases</h2>
+<li><a href="4.13.1.php">KDE SC 4.13.1</a></li>
 <li><a href="4.12.5.php">KDE SC 4.12.5</a></li>
 <li><a href="4.12.4.php">KDE SC 4.12.4</a></li>
 <li><a href="4.12.3.php">KDE SC 4.12.3</a></li>

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