Plasma Next Beta 1

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Mon May 12 13:14:42 UTC 2014

On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 08:24:30PM +0200, šumski wrote:
> Yeah. Thus also kfilemetadata (so this baloo tar is unbuildable - not just 
> cause master branch is packaged instead of frameworks one ;-)
> And since the WIP kde-baseapps is here (somehow this would fit more with 
> Applications releases than Plasma?), IMHO, one could possibly include Kate, 
> Konsole and plasma-nm (with required libs) - though libs target to be part of 
> KF5?

kfilemetadata added  924a6450f7d37132d8cb7afc025cd58b4c4aa562e1ddee82976f14f60df861c6
milou added  33fec64b34a9f7bebffd422e3f221cf6461fc49355f5081cf04b5612d752325d
baloo remade from frameworks branch  daa5fcb94d18f54e082d09dd32131f161dcd7e3f99e0b54eaa7f9a280fb0940a
kde-baseapps removed

sysadmin ticket filed to update, files also at..


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