Plasma 2014.6 Alpha 1

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Sat Mar 29 12:32:00 UTC 2014

Posted to release-team, plasma-devel and packagers.  Let's keep the
discussion on release-team for simplicity.

I've uploaded initial tars of Plasma 2014.6 to depot.

kde-runtime frameworks
96e617a4afde01bd01cbe86810e8b1cea16bec2ee44732b1ee5295555425512d  sources/kde-runtime-4.95.0.tar.xz
kde-workspace master
229eddaf3dd3fb713124b7270e9dbd6998ec8496ce2023c39281e92dfe1b324c  sources/kde-workspace-4.95.0.tar.xz
oxygen-fonts release-0.4
fd90a5198523c22749462c62705c77d84a6162205abeef306cfd3786cf34a18b  sources/oxygen-fonts-3.95.0.tar.xz

These should build with KF5 Beta 1 also just uploaded.  I hope to release them on Tuesday.

Oxygen Fonts uses fontforge to compile (generate is the term that
seems to be used for fonts) and should work with the current release
20120731.b-5 of FontForge.  Oxygen Fonts is the default font in Plasma
Next.  It is expected to get replaced with Comme Font, which is Oxygen
Fonts renamed due to trademark issues but it has some spacing issues
which mean we are going with Oxygen Fonts for now.  Comme Font needs a
version of FontForge from git but it must be a
version from git in the last few weeks or it will segfault on
generating the .ttf files.  If anyone can get FontForge to compile you
are doing better than me, please let me know how.

kde-runtime is not co-installable with kde-runtime from kdelibs4 land
so you will need to install to a different prefix or conflict your
packages and warn users it'll remove up all kdelibs4 applications.  I'm
working on patches to fix this, any help appreciated (including
reviews of my patches on reviewboard).  kde-runtime is due to be split
up after this release with much of it being put into Frameworks.

kde-workspace contains what you've all been waiting for, the first
alpha of Plasma Next which will become Plasma 2014.6 in June.  Jenkins
says it all compiles but I had an error in kwin oxygen theme I couldn't work out  

kde-workspace doesn't co-install with the kde-workspace from kdelibs4
land and nor is it expected to, it's a whole new version of Plasma.

kde-workspace is due to be split up into separate sources after this
release so don't spend too much time perfecting the packaging this


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