Review Request 116558: Add KAccounts support to the dav resource

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Thu Mar 13 00:24:11 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDEPIM, Release Team and Grégory Oestreicher.

Repository: kdepim-runtime


If compiled with KAccounts support and configure to use it, the resource will fetch credentials and host using libaccounts in order to build the urls.

Support for "editing" is not done, that will be done in 4.14 since it requires better kaccounts-integration.

To the release team, I would like to add this change to 4.13, it won't do anything except compiled with libaccounts and even so only if the resource is configured to use it.


  resources/dav/resource/CMakeLists.txt 14675bc 
  resources/dav/resource/davgroupwareresource.desktop 2342a01 
  resources/dav/resource/davgroupwareresource.kcfg 2d25371 
  resources/dav/resource/settings.h e264866 
  resources/dav/resource/settings.cpp 12f84cc 




Àlex Fiestas

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