KF5 beta3

šumski hrvoje.senjan at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 21:21:17 UTC 2014

On Sunday 01 of June 2014 20:20:45 David Faure wrote:
> As planned, here's KF5 beta3, aka 4.100.0.
> * New this month:
> - kfileaudiopreview doesn't exist anymore
> - the attached tags.git file indicates the tag to use for distros using git
>      instead of tarballs [note the exception on the last line...]
> * Public release date: June 4 (unless someone shouts otherwise)

All Frameworks built fine here. 
Only caveat (for those that also build releases of Plasma Next/Workspace 
umbrella), some components will need backports from master due to KCoreAddons 
SiC/BiC change (at least kde-cli-tools, kio-extras, kwin, etc...). 
Not a part of this release, but just a heads up ;-)

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