KDE Frameworks 5 TP1 tarballs

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Tue Jan 7 17:07:16 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 07 January 2014 at 00:27:37, šumski wrote:
> (Yes, i'm aware of the https://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Coinstallability
> page - but libraries are either co-installable, or not, i.e. 'they are co-
> installable if you put certain files in package A, others in package B,
> then you conflict them, then...' is not a valid argument IMHO, especially
> for source based distros like Gentoo, or distros that don't split devel
> packages, like Arch)

And in Fedora, we do split -devel packages, but having them conflict at RPM 
level is frowned upon (tolerated but discouraged), and for entire frameworks 
(or frameworks of Frameworks ;-) ), a clear case of "Do Not Want".

        Kevin Kofler

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