Review Request 119915: Plasma release scripts to use Ki18n's PO installation macro

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Sun Aug 24 20:52:30 UTC 2014

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Review request for Release Team, Jonathan Riddell and Harald Sitter.


(Me putting Eike instead of Harald to the reviewers was a total brain glitch.)

Repository: releaseme


At present, for installing Plasma PO files the release scripts create CMakeLists.txt files inside po/ directory, which use CMake's GETTEXT_PROCESS_PO_FILES. Ki18n instead provides the KI18N_INSTALL macro that only needs to be called once from the top CMakeLists.txt, with po directory as argument. This patch switches to using it.

This is in preparation for updating release scripts to also fetch translation scripting modules into the packages. Every PO file can have an associated scripting module (though they are rare). KI18N_INSTALL handles these modules as well, when they are found in expected location inside po/ directory.


  lib/cmakeeditor.rb 5465c99 
  lib/kdel10n.rb f855de8 
  lib/tests/ts_cmakeeditor.rb 9d7339f 



Run tarme.rb on couple of modules and languages, CMakeLists.txt tree got updated as expected. Run ts_cmakeeditor.rb.


Chusslove Illich

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