Fwd: KDE Frameworks Release Cycle

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang.kde at rohdewald.de
Wed Apr 30 08:59:32 UTC 2014

Am Mittwoch, 30. April 2014, 10:17:23 schrieb Sune Vuorela:
> So quite many users will end up using patched-up versions of KF5

if every distro has its own patched version, bug reporting and
fixing will get much more difficult. 

Where should a bug be reported? The only logical choice seems to
be the distribution. For all bugs, including applications, because
most users will not know if they see a KF5 bug or an application bug.

And it would be very easy to deny responsibility. Upstream can always
say "our unpatched version works", and sometimes that may even be true.


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