[Kde-pim] PIM is not good. Would adding an extra RC help?

Christian Mollekopf chrigi_1 at fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 6 11:10:16 UTC 2014

On Saturday 05 April 2014 16.40:24 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> ** Please CC me and r-t list, i'm not subscribed to pim list. **
> Hello guys, as I hope you all know this Wednesday we are supposed to tag the
> final release for 4.13.
> I am sending this email to ask for opinions on the value of adding an extra
> RC and delaying the 4.13.0 release for at least a week.
> I'm going to explain why I'd like this to happen.
> Since the update to 4.13 Beta I've been having lots of CPU and I/O problems
> in pim related stuff, most notably akonadi_baloo_indexer,
> akonadi_maildir_resource & friends.
> On every release i've complained on IRC to be told "oh yes, we just fixed
> this thing and will be available on the next release".
> But here I am, using 4.13 RC and with even KMail closed
> mysqld+akonadiserver+akonadi_maildir_resource are using 100% of one of my
> CPU cores and writing/reading around 10MB/s to my slow disks.
> I find this unacceptable.
> So yesterday I complained again on IRC, and was told again "oh yes, we just
> fixed this thing and will be available on the next release".
> Just that this is the last bullet we have for fixing stuff, if it turns out
> it's like all the previous 3 times i've been told that sentence, we'll end
> up with a bad 4.13 pim release, and even it may not linked to it (or it
> may, i have no clue), people will blame Baloo, and developers will get sad
> and will be less motivated to be on stuff and bugs will be fixed more
> slowly, you know that, down spiral of sadness for everyone.
> So I am going to ask:
>  * Are you guys really sure this problem is fixed with the current git code?
> If so please tell me the repos I have to recompile and I will try seeing if
> it fixes my problems
>  * Do you guys think this is just my problem and I can be just ignored? I
> can take that too, if you feel like everybody is using kmail 4.13 without
> any problems and i'm just an outlier with problems I am willing to accept
> that I'm unlucky and do the release as planned.
>  * Do you guys think adding an extra RC would help?
> Of course you know where I am if you need me compiling something or giving
> you extra information about my setup.

If what you're describing is a constant state then we indeed have a problem.
I am sucessfully using kdepim 4.13 with a setup that is mostly imap + a small 
maildir resource for the local emails.

I am not really sure this is fixed in current git code, but it would be great 
if you could try anyways (there were related changed that could help).
Recompile akonadi + kdepimlibs + baloo.

It would also be great if you could give us some information about the 
resources you have, and how big they are (total items of all folders and size 
of the largest folder would be interesting).

In either case I would find the extra time of another RC useful.


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