Tests still failing in 4.13

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at kde.org
Fri Apr 4 08:11:05 UTC 2014

On Sun, Mar 30, 2014, at 16:42, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> Hello people, at the moment we have various 4.13 projects failing.
> Since we promised a while ago to not release without failing tests we
> have
> 10 days until tagging to fix the tests or we'll have to delay the
> release.
> If you need some environment to be running, it'd be good if your test
> could
> bring it up automagically, if not please talk with Ben I'm sure he'll
> be more than happy to try to help you in providing you that environment.
> I am also open to be convinced that the test is right and that it's
> unfixable
> to run correctly on jenkins, but make sure you are really convincing if
> you
> resort to that ;-)
> Gwenview (2 failing tests)
>  http://build.kde.org/view/KDE%20SC%20stable/job/gwenview_stable/196/testReport/

I disabled the failing test in semanticinfobackendtest (that test did
make sense anymore with Baloo), but I can't reproduce the failure in 

The failure happens at setup time: the tests tries to rm kde
dir (ie $KDEHOME, after checking it ends with ".kde-unit-test"). Failing 
snippet is the following:

    QString confDir = qgetenv("KDEHOME");
    QVERIFY(confDir.endsWith(".kde-unit-test")); // Better safe than
    if (QFileInfo(confDir).isDir()) {
        bool ok = KIO::NetAccess::del(KUrl::fromPath(confDir), 0);

the QVERIFY(ok) fails on CI, but not on my box. It sounds like another 
situation where QFileInfo and KIO disagree. Ideas are welcome.


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