Translations for upcoming 4.11.x and 4.12.x

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sun Oct 20 20:40:25 UTC 2013

Hello translator and release team friends, as you may know 4.12 is very close 
to its beta release and that brings us an interesting problem.

This is the problem:
 October  31: 4.11.3 tagging
 November  6: 4.12 Beta 1 tagging
 November 13: 4.12 Beta 2 tagging
 November 20: 4.12 Beta 3 tagging
 November 27: 4.12 Release Candidate tagging
 November 28: 4.11.4 tagging
 December 11: 4.12 tagging
 January   2: 4.11.5 tagging

As you can see only a week after 4.11.3 we have the tagging of 4.12Beta1 and 
then a lot of beta/RC releases of 4.12 with the final release of 4.12.x in 
between 4.11.4 and 4.11.5.

That is all fine code wise since we have an infinite number of branches, so we 
basically have KDE/4.11, KDE/4.12 and master and people just fix stuff in the 
correct place.

Translation wise it is a different, we only have two branches at a time, 
stable and trunk, so mapping those three branches is going to mean doing some 
compromises in what code branch ends up in which translation branch.

This is my suggestion:
 * Before KDE SC 4.11.3 all is like now, stable-l10n points to KDE/4.11 and 
trunk-l10n points to master
 * After KDE SC 4.11.3 and before 4.12 Beta 1 we make stable-l10n point to 
KDE/4.12 and trunk-l10n points to master

This means that for KDE SC 4.11.4 and KDE SC 4.11.5 we will repackage the same 
translations of 4.11.3 (actually we'll package them from but since that's outside the 
l10n workflow i don't expect people to touch it much/at all).



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