Dependency cycle with nepomuk-core & mobipocket

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sun Nov 3 21:42:55 UTC 2013

El Dissabte, 2 de novembre de 2013, a les 23:40:41, šumski va escriure:
> Just a small heads up, since 4.12 beta is soon, and as it seems nobody yet
> noticed. With 4.12, as is the current state, there will be a cycle between
> two mentioned projects/packages, and that seems wrong to me ;-)
> qmobipocket is now (in master) an optional dep for nepomuk-core, but
> mobipocket itself requires Okular, which has optional KActivities build
> requirement, and KActivities have nepomuk-core as build requirement. A
> vicious circle ;-)

You compile stuff three times in a circle and fix it ;-)

No really, the only thing i can think of is moving the okular mobipocket 
plugin code over to the okular repo, that should untangle the loop.

Any other idea?

Anyone against it?

> On top of that, qmobipocket is now installed as unversioned library.

Fixed that.


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