Recommended Dependency Change for kdepimlibs 4.11

Allen Winter winter at
Mon May 27 21:23:56 UTC 2013


libical 1.0 is out now and KDEPIM is recommending distros upgrade to this version for 4.11.

libical 1.0 has a few bug fixes over the last version which is pretty old by now.
(the last release was libical 0.48 in Dec 2011)

We are not *requiring* this new version.  We are only recommending it.

BTW: libical 1.0 has two buildsystems: CMake and autotools.
Do not use the autotools buildsystem!  Only use the CMake buildsystem.
The autotool buildsystem is unmaintained and broken.  I am working
to have the autofoo buildsystem removed entirely for future releases.


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