freeze exemption for kde-runtime

Marco Martin notmart at
Tue Jun 11 17:31:45 UTC 2013

during a gsoc for plasma (porting plasmoids to qml), with the student we
decided that for porting one would have been necessary to use a qml plugin
that is currently shipped in plasma-mobile
Is in the plasma-mobile git repo, directory

is a qml component that exposes a kdirmodel to qml and is regularly used
since a couple of plasma active releases, so is quite tested and stable.

since we need it in kde-runtime (wanting to use it outside of
plasma-mobile) and is needed for that gsoc, I'm asking an exemption of the
freeze to add it in 4.11, moving it from plasma-mobile to kde-runtime.

(otherwise will go in master after tagging, for 4.12, even tough could make
it a bit more difficult to de-duplicate in the next release of Active)

Marco Martin
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