Disable by default KRandR in 4.11

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Thu Jul 4 11:56:20 UTC 2013

On Thursday, July 04, 2013 01:06:27 Àlex Fiestas wrote:
> I want to propose to disable by default KRandR from kde-workspace release
> for 4.11.
> While I'm considered the maintainer of KRandR truth is I have never been it,
> I just made it "work" around 4.7 times but it is still full of bugs and
> annoyances.  Since we have KScreen (which tomorrow I will propose for
> Extragear)

I think this should go into SC, not just extragear. Very much so since it 
would replace krandr there.

The functionality of plugging in an extra screen or unplugging it is very much 
needed for most systems, that's not extragear.

> which almost all distributions are shipping I see no point on
> keeping KRandR around, specially in 4.11 that will be the last release of
> 4.11.
> KScreen is rock solid, it has two maintainers taking care of it, it is way
> more advanced and complete than KRandR and it is trusted enough so
> distributions like RHEL are going to ship it.
> Ideally I would like to remove the source code completely, but I guess we
> are too late into 4.11 to do such thing.

+1 for replacing krandr with kscreen.


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