[solid] [Bug 313888] Solid::Device( "/org/kde/fuse/run/vmblock-fuse" ).parent() returns same device, causing infinite loops in Amarok (ivan/* kdelibs branches)

Matěj Laitl matej at laitl.cz
Sat Jan 26 14:58:09 UTC 2013


Matěj Laitl <matej at laitl.cz> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Keywords|regression, release_blocker |
           Assignee|afiestas at kde.org            |ivan.cukic at kde.org
            Summary|Solid::Device(              |Solid::Device(
                   |"/org/kde/fuse/run/vmblock- |"/org/kde/fuse/run/vmblock-
                   |fuse" ).parent() returns    |fuse" ).parent() returns
                   |same device, causing        |same device, causing
                   |infinite loops in Amarok    |infinite loops in Amarok
                   |                            |(ivan/* kdelibs branches)

--- Comment #8 from Matěj Laitl <matej at laitl.cz> ---
Okay, the string /org/kde/fuse exists only in the following branches:

so this was rather a false alarm concerting the 4.10 release. Sorry about the
fuss. Matt, you should've stated that you use special kdelibs right away.

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