Review Request 108516: Do not hardcode site-packages for the python libdir.

Michael Jansen kde at
Mon Jan 21 11:01:00 UTC 2013

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Review request for Build System, Release Team and Kevin Kofler.


Do not hardcode site-packages for the python libdir.


  cmake/modules/FindPythonLibrary.cmake 7cef79b16521c759f38f1deea539a28a50c5d708 



Not much. Works the same as before. Need someone to check on debian. Need someone to check when installing into /usr.

I think the strequal to check if PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES_INSTALL_DIR is different from PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES_DIR is not optimal but good enough. The only problem could be a trailing slash or different case on windows. Any hints to improve it?


Michael Jansen

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