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Christophe Giboudeaux cgiboudeaux at
Thu Jan 17 20:14:44 UTC 2013

On Thursday 17 January 2013 18:13:20 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> FindPythonLibrary.cmake seems to have changed between 4.9.97 and
> 4.9.98 it now incorrectly hardcodes the directory "site-packages".

site-packages is the default subdir for modules, See

> Python 2.7 at least in Debian land uses "dist-packages" so it puts
> files into the wrong directory.

That for sure is incorrectly hardcoded.

Anyway, unless the kde-packagers list became write-only or noone takes care of 
the moderation queue, an email (well, two) was sent and gives the solution: 

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