Exception for Dolphin - KFileMetadataWidget

Ralf Jung post at ralfj.de
Mon Jan 7 11:35:07 UTC 2013


> nepomuk-widget and nepomuk-core are both a part of KDE SC 4.10, so I don't
> think there should be a problem of only one of them existing. Even PIM
> depends on nepomuk-widgets.
I'm just some regular user compiling KDE from source, but I was recently
bitten by this - I hadn't yet checked out and compiled the
nepomuk-widgets repository, and compilation of Dolphin suddenly failed
(kdepimlibs still compiled fine). If I hadn't read the discussion here
and therefore remembered (when reading the name of the missing include
file) that Dolphin now depends on nepomuk-widgets, I'd have been
severely confused.
Please do not assume the presence of anything which has a separate git
repository, unless it is explicitly or transitively checked to exist.
That's the price we have to pay for modularisation, I guess. KDE has
quite a history of build failures on my system which were not detected
by cmake.

Kind regards,

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