[Nepomuk] Exception for Dolphin - KFileMetadataWidget

Martin Steigerwald Martin at lichtvoll.de
Sun Jan 6 11:20:14 UTC 2013

Hi Frank,

Am Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013 schrieb Frank Reininghaus:
> Please note that I'm not blaming anyone for anything here, I'm just
> trying to answer the obvious question "why did the maintainer not
> notice this before?" in advance.

Just a KDE users oppinion on this:

I didn´t have that question from reading the rest of the thread. (I know not everyone read it.)

I was quite surprised that on beta testing instructions in wiki the new FileMetadataWidget was mentioned after the release delay anouncement, cause I thought it was clear it wouldn´t go in.

Anyway, I think its clear that you are not responsible for this.

Now that it is in, I agree that it makes sense to fix any regressions
it may cause. And from what I read in this thread Vishesh agreed to take the responsibility to look after them should the widget go in.

> I'm sorry if this message is considered offensive, but I'm seriously
> fed up with the way Nepomuk repeatedly broke things in the last years
> and caused extra work for everyone. I'm still willing to collaborate
> constructively with Nepomuk and Vishesh in particular, but IMHO, the
> way Nepomuk interacts with the rest of the KDE community has to
> change.

Indeed does not make sense to blame anybody, but look at what can be improved in future.

Thanks for maintaining Dolphin,
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