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David Faure faure at
Sun Dec 29 19:05:20 UTC 2013

On Saturday 28 December 2013 17:34:35 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> I guess yes, was waiting for Torgny/other people opinion on them, since they
> are not what we used to use (i.e. master and 4.11 are the "old" ones). If
> you can have a look at the old ones and agree the 4.12 ones are simpler,
> it'd be a good thing to help me merge them to master.

Yes, actually I tried the old ones first, since I had a master checkout and 
initially forgot your recommendation to use 4.12.

I agree that the 4.12 scripts are easier because they automate more things.

I just had to disable the call to since there's no l10n for 
frameworks yet, apart from that it works great.

> > I have the patch below to commit, but apparently no permission to push,
> > can I get that?
> Ask it to someone that knows how to do that :D Sysadmin?

Yep, Ben was CC'ed in my previous mail :)

> Where do you want to push that master? or a kf5 branch?

4.12, since that's what I was using, but with the idea of it getting merged to 
master at some point.

> The awesomeness of not using an existing clone for the archiving is that you
> don't mess up with some local changes you may have had for the tagging, the
> old scripts sorted that out by forcing you to have a separate "clean"
> checkout, but even with that it has happened that we fucked up something,
> that's why i went the git archive route. Tagging on the other hand is kind
> of hard to make a mistake even if you use an existing clone since it's just
> about tagging an existing hash.

Yep, exactly my thinking too.

> > [providing ZIP sources for Windows users]
> If you don't want to stress the server much you can always untar and zip it
> locally.

Oh. Great idea, thanks.

What do you think about the doubled space requirements on the server though?
Well, maybe that's a question for sysadmin too...
> > In any case - yes, these scripts make a lot of sense, we should work on
> > automating the tagging, and I can help with that.
> This is the silly script i have, it needs some work to integrate it better
> with the exisitng stuff, but basically it does the job.

OK, I'll look at that when doing the actual release.

I guess it should not be triggered by the main script though,
since that's "safe to play with locally" while tagging (and pushing the tags) 
is for real, so I'll make it a separate script.

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