Regression of KItemWidgetDelegate in 4.12

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Dec 11 18:59:51 UTC 2013

Hi guys, seems that 4.12 is hit by a pretty bad regression in 
KItemWidgetDelegate (patches that don't seem to have been reviewed, but I 
won't fight that now)

More info at

It seems we're not going to have a fix for today, that is when we are supposed 
to tag 4.12 packages.

I personally would favor reverting the commits but I don't know if that may 
break something else so i'm a bit hesitant to do it without Andras comments.

My suggestion at this point is:
 * Tag all the repos tonight as scheduled
 * Hope someone fixes the regression before the release in kdelibs and respin 
the kdelibs tarball ASAP
 * If the above doesn't happen, delay the release until this gets fixed or we 
are convinced we can revert them without breaking something else.



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