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David Faure faure at
Thu Dec 5 19:49:29 UTC 2013

We're almost ready to split up kdelibs into a bunch of separate git modules, 
the upcoming "frameworks" in KF5.

One question that came up is where these modules should end up in the hierarchy.

Currently we have the following toplevel "components" in kde_projects.xml:

  <component identifier="kdereview">
  <component identifier="sysadmin">
  <component identifier="calligra">
  <component identifier="playground">
  <component identifier="unmaintained">
  <component identifier="qt">
  <component identifier="koffice">
  <component identifier="qt5">
  <component identifier="repo-management">
  <component identifier="kde-build-metadata">
  <component identifier="kde">
  <component identifier="others">
  <component identifier="extragear">
  <component identifier="websites">
  <component identifier="kdesupport">

and the KDE SC release is all of the component "kde".

Given that frameworks will (might?) have a different release schedule than 
workspace and apps, I think it would make sense to use a new toplevel 
component "frameworks" for all frameworks.

E.g. karchive will be in frameworks/karchive, in terms of 

Any objections?

Seems clear to me, but Ben wanted to make sure before we proceed :)

David Faure, faure at,
Working on KDE, in particular KDE Frameworks 5

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