Proposed schedule for 4.12

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Aug 3 18:19:48 UTC 2013

Please let's try to keep this discussion in release-team, I'm just CC'ing k-c-
d because Alex's discussion about changing the release happened there.

At the Release Team BoF at Akademy I was tasked to come up with a proposed 
schedule for 4.12 with simplified freezes, since it was agreed so many freezes 
confused our contributors.

Here's my attempt

Basically the schedule looks like

30 October (everything except documentation is frozen)
+1 week Beta 1 Tag+Release: November 6
+1 week Beta 2 Tag+Release: November 13
+1 week Beta 3 Tag+Release (with documentation freeze): November 20
+1 week RC Tag+Release: November 27
+2 week Final Tag: December 11
+1 week Final Release: December 18

 * There's just one freeze
	This should make it easier to everyone know when to commit something or 
not. Exception for documentation that you get 3 weeks more, rationale is that 
documentation team works after features are finished so we give them some more 
time for the last-minute finished features

 * We do Betas/RC more often
	Every week instead of every 2 weeks, this way we achieve (if distros 
deliver) more "interactivity" with bugrepors+fixes since people is always 
testing something that is closer to the tip of the code (it happens fairly 
usually that someone reports a bug and it was fixed "last week" already, 
wasting "user testing" and "bug answering" resources)



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