print-manager (kdeutils) has no KDE/4.9 branch

Daniel Nicoletti dantti12 at
Sun Sep 30 15:25:36 UTC 2012

Em 30/09/2012 05:18, "David Faure" <faure at> escreveu:
> All other git modules that are part of kdeutils have a KDE/4.9 branch, but not
> print-manager. Is that on purpose?
No, it's not on purpose.
It's a new module that just got in kdeutils, so sorry I'm not very
familiar with how should I manage it now. Is it my responsibility
to create such branches, I mean isn't there any scritp that already
does that?
Also since it just got out of kde review to be included in KDE 4.10
I don't think a 4.9 branch would be useful at all.
So since most of my codings have their own git repo
with "my" release schedule I don't know very well how to
manage this one.
Please tell what you think I should do.


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