print-manager (kdeutils) has no KDE/4.9 branch

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Tue Oct 2 01:06:33 UTC 2012

On Monday, October 01, 2012 11:00:27 David Faure wrote:
> On Sunday 30 September 2012 18:17:56 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > El Diumenge, 30 de setembre de 2012, a les 10:20:31, David Faure va
> escriure:
> > > All other git modules that are part of kdeutils have a KDE/4.9 branch,
> > > but
> > > not print-manager. Is that on purpose?
> > 
> > print-manager is not part of 4.9 releases, so it does not have a KDE/4.9
> > branch.
> OK so that becomes a kdesrc-build bug.
> kde_projects.xml indeed has no <branch>KDE/4.9</branch> element for print-
> manager, as it does for other kdeutils modules.
> So, IMHO
> module-set
>   use-modules kde/kdeutils
>   branch KDE/4.9
> end module-set
> should skip print-manager altogether, rather than give a git checkout error.
> Cc'ing Michael Pyne.

Oh wow. Looking at kde_projects.xml it seems it should be doable to figure 
which branches are available for each kde-projects module to allow for 
filtering out modules where a given branch is not present.

A workaround for now might be the recently-reintroduced "use-stable-kde" 
option. Despite what I have in the docs currently (not online but in 
index.docbook), it should work for individual modules or for module-sets, and 
should fallback to the master branch if a stable branch is not set for a given 
module. So it would still be pulled in, but at least it wouldn't be using a 
non-existent branch.

 - Michael Pyne

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